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Yvette Quantz

"As a dietitian working primarily with fitness centers and trainers who sometimes think “What can she do that is different from me, why do I need a dietitian?” – being LEAP certified and being able to provide food sensitivity testing gives me a credible edge and credibility for more referrals.

I am able to offer a unique test to identify and remove foods that are causing inflammation resulting in a healthier client who performs better!”

Yvette Quantz, LD, RD, CLT

Lafayette LA

Abby Heidary

“Using the LEAP/MRT Protocol, I not only get to see drastic clinical outcomes in my patients, but I have more motivation and pride than ever in my role as a health care provider. I can SEE the difference that I make in my patients’ lives!

On a personal note: I followed the LEAP/MRT Protocol to gain knowledge as a clinician, but I surprisingly found relief of symptoms that I had been dealing with for 7 years, and even more surprisingly, my 6 month-old infant who was exclusively nursing at the time had complete elimination of frequent gas symptoms. LEAP has changed my life both professionally and personally!”

Abby Heidari, RD, LD, CLT

Wellness Coach

Angela Moore

“LEAP has been the best part of what I have offered so far in my 20+ years as a private practice RD. It has been fun and challenging for me as a professional to incorporate this into my counseling and a great source of revenue for what I do.

I see a huge need for this service and I am so glad I "LEAPED" into this science!!”

Angela B. Moore, MS, RD, LD, CLT

ACSM Certified Exercise Specialist Greenwood Village & Crested Butte, CO

Candee Spence

“Within one week of starting my LEAP diet, my symptoms were significantly improved - no tachycardia, improved energy, and no weakness. In two weeks, these symptoms were almost completely gone. I chose LEAP because I believe it is the most effective form of testing for food sensitivities.

I have first-hand experience and have also observed patients with ‘life changing’ results by following LEAP protocols.”

Candee Spence, MS, RD, LDN, CLT

Johnson City, TN

"I worked with a teenage boy who had to give up sports and social activities due to severe migraines. Just 3 weeks of his LEAP diet and he was headache free and had a social and sports life again. His trigger was tomato. He eventually identified his threshold and maintained a once a week small portion tomato intake. His diet prior to LEAP was full of pizza, spaghetti, and ketchup."

I have first-hand experience and have also observed patients with ‘life changing’ results by following LEAP protocols.”

Deb Indorato, RD, LDN, CLT

Virginia Beach, VA

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