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"Gabbi slowly transitioned to all green foods, then her yellow foods and she's now tolerating ALLLLLL foods. She's losing about 2 pounds a week, giggles all the time and is working full time at a local ice cream shop. Gabbi turned 16 and she's a new gal...all because you cared enough to share, reach and teach. We just can't begin to thank you enough for being our angel in the storm. We truly are so very grateful."

Angie Mclean, mother of former patient

“Prior to the MRT/LEAP program, I felt that I had exhausted all of my resources when trying to improve my health and digestive issues. I had exhausted all of my options in terms of prescription medicine and was given the recommendation to see Erin and take a dietary approach to remedying my digestive and immune system issues. Until I met with Erin, I did not think that food sensitivity could be exacerbating my problem and through working with her, I realized how I could improve my immune system, digestive issues, and overall wellbeing by learning what works with my body through the MRT/LEAP elimination program. I was very pleased with the tailored program and the guidance I received from Erin. The elimination portion of the program was difficult, but was well worth it. I continue to utilize everything I learned on a daily basis and have even encouraged a few friends to look into the program due to my success. My health and wellbeing has improved tremendously. I did not realize how poorly my body was functioning due to my underlying health issue causing digestive issues, which turned into a ripple effect and caused my immune system to weaken and my energy levels to drastically drop. Since I started working with this program, my immune system has strengthened, my skin has significantly cleared up, and I have been sleeping better. I am much more in tune with my body and I am fortunately no longer in a state of discomfort and fatigue that I am able to make adjustments to my diet (based on the plan we created) and recover much more quickly if I eat a food that my body has become sensitive to."

Aviva Brown, former patient

"I had severe reactions to traditional medicine. My acupuncturist's recommended I try this. This program gets a 10 out of 10 regarding my satisfaction. My quality of life has been restored. Symptoms have almost disappeared. Stomach pains have been greatly reduced. Diarrhea under control. Can resume travel schedule. Major dark spots on my face are slowly disappearing. Awesome."

Delores Lashley, former patient

“I was desperate to find a solution to help me feel better. I was overwhelmed trying to manage symptoms of 3 newly diagnosed chronic conditions -- Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I saw several medical doctors, who were not able to offer sufficient solutions. Medications were prescribed that did not produce sufficient results. This program helped me get quality of life back, without prescription medication and I am extremely satisfied. My health is better now than it has been for quite some time. Being able to control my symptoms through the foods that I eat is very empowering."

Karen K., former patient

"I wanted to find out what foods in particular were causing health issues. I also wanted to hopefully find the structure needed to truly help improve my diet. I experienced several digestion problems previous to the program including indigestion, cramps, bloating, IBS, headaches, and fatigue. I first took the MRT test to find out what sensitivity levels I had to individual kinds of foods. This was very helpful in carrying out the next step in selecting only the foods for my diet that I had low sensitivity to. As the diet progressed through the weeks, I added more and more foods and recorded all my eating habits. As the amount of foods and ingredients increased I was able to work out what I was most sensitive too. After excluding these foods I was sensitive to through trial and error many of the negative health symptoms I had disappeared. Many of the traits and discipline I learned through the LEAP program I still practice to this day because they've become so beneficial. It helps you to become more proactive about your diet, promoting awareness of what exactly you're putting into your body. I would think the MRT/LEAP program would be beneficial to anyone wanting to get their diet truly healthy. Everyone has different food sensitivity levels so what might be sensitive for one person may not be so much for another. Before the program I tended to feel my diet was always hampering my well being but after the program I feel much more like almost everything I eat is beneficial. It also enhance my cooking skills!"

Jon Boone, former patient

“I was simply feeling unwell; very tired, cranky, rosacea, weak, and getting sick a lot. I presented these symptoms to my PCP and after some testing, found nothing conclusive. I thought about my diet and looked to that for the cause of my symptoms. I sought a nutritionist for advice on getting enough nutrients and what I could do to better take care of myself. Erin mentioned a test that would discover if I had any food sensitivities. I jumped right on that option as I don't like to experiment by removing one thing at a time from my diet to determine what the culprit could be. I'd rather know all together. I'm so glad I did, because I feel and look better. I am a 10 out of 10 regarding my satisfaction with this program. I would give higher than a 10 if I could. I feel so much better in just over two months. My health has improved exponentially. I have more energy, better skin, cravings are gone, food tastes better, I sleep better and I'm losing weight. I'm learning how to be creative when preparing good, clean whole meals that include my approved foods. This is from someone who dislikes preparing toast. It's been very educational and beneficial to me."

Lucy Sevdalis, former patient

“After experiencing chronic pain for over 15 years, I wanted to improve my general health and, in turn, lessen my pain. After working with the program, I am more conscious of what I am eating. I know my "trigger foods" and have learned to listen to my body when making food choices."

Rebecca B., former patient

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