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What is Food Sensitivity Solutions?
We are your one stop shop for food sensitivity testing, education and support. Whether you are a patient, a registered dietitian interested in utilizing the LEAP protocol & MRT, or an already Certified LEAP Therapist, our website is here to serve you! This will be the portal to a collection of information and tools that will help you along your path in the food sensitivity realm.

Right now, we're busy making sure the website is perfect and creating more invaluable resources for you to access in the near future. Your patience is very much appreciated while we finish sprucing things up. 

In the meantime, fill out the form on this page and get notified by email when we officially launch. We promise not to send you any spam and will only email you when the website is ready. 

If you're wondering who is behind the scenes at, read all about Jan Patenaude below, the owner, and Certified LEAP Therapist.
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About Jan Patenaude

Jan Patenaude, RDN, CLT was the first LEAP Therapist and
LEAP Mentor and is the co-author of the Certified LEAP Therapist training. After 15 years, she still loves supporting her colleagues in this therapy, working via telecommute since 2004. She has been an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, media personality and Private Practice Nutritionist in both office and telecommute settings since 1986.
Jan loves mentoring and encouraging other LEAP Therapists to
be proficient at LEAP Therapy and integrative and functional protocols to get our clients well. As a mentor, she also provides you with marketing ideas and opportunities, as well as practice, speaking and marketing support.